There is no single person on earth who goes to propose marriage and expects to be turned down Get more for information Here are a few ideas on how to make sure you succeed in getting your lady’s hand for marriage.

You might choose to have it where many people are, such as a party in which case you will have to rally up a few trusted friends to help you out. Be sure to discuss this with them well in advance, so that it can be handled without any hitches.

It is always important to plan early enough so that you can choose a perfect time and place to make your mind known. It is always good to get a place of shared interest where you had fond memories to make the proposal more memorable.

Knowing your lady’s mind well in advance also helps you to know whether she is really ready to go on with the idea at this stage. There could be many other issues which might make her say no to your proposal, so get to probe her mind.

Look at your savings and make sure what you have set aside as savings is good enough. You need to be loaded with enough money not just for the wedding but also enough to start your new life smoothly. Apart from the fact that ladies tend to prefer men who are somehow stable financially, it is also a wise idea to have a saving so that you do not start your marriage on shaky grounds.

If things are okay, then what you will do on that day is really the crux of the matter. Get a sweet poem and plan how to present it. Do one yourself or get it from the internet, but make sure it is good for her.

You could drop a few hints to your intended way before this date, so that you do not stand the risk of being turned down due to the sheer surprise you have sprung on the lady. Dropping a few hints will enable you to know if she is really keen on this relationship, or even the timing.